What are my Teeth Whitening Options?

If you want to improve the aesthetics of your smile, Dr. Clayton and our Scottsdale dental team may recommend teeth whitening. Often with whitening, we can improve the smile conservatively and find that we don’t need veneers or crowns to achieve the smile you desire!

Professional teeth whitening at Marshall Clayton, DDS is the safest, most effective way to brighten your smile.

During your pre-treatment exam, Dr. Clayton will make sure your teeth are healthy enough for whitening. Evidence of decay, cracks, or root exposure should be addressed before treatment. We will then be able to choose the particular whitening product that will be appropriate for your specific whitening desires. If you choose tray whitening, a professionally fitted tray will be more comfortable than an OTC tray and improves the efficiency of the treatment.

At-Home Professional Whitening

Dr. Clayton uses the Opalescence® Whitening System, an ADA-approved product from Ultradent Products Inc. Ultradent Products Inc. is a long time, high-quality company that offers many dental products used around the world.

If you choose Opalescence’s at home tray system, we will first take upper and lower impressions of the teeth. Models are poured up and custom trays are fabricated. You will receive the trays, an appropriate strength whitening gel (10%, 15%, or 20%), and detailed instructions as to how to and how often to apply the gel.

In-Office Professional Whitening

When appropriate, you may need teeth whitening in the office. In this case, you will be comfortably seated in the operatory, where your teeth will be isolated to protect your gums. A stronger gel (35%) is applied to the teeth and a bleaching light is used to further activate the gel. This process may be repeated during the visit as needed. It may also be necessary to repeat this process at an additional visit to achieve your desires level of whitening.

Why not OTC whitening?

OTC whitening products may be less expensive, but you will get what you pay for. Attempting to whiten your teeth on your own may not only be ineffective, but it may also damage your teeth.

If the teeth are not healthy enough for whitening, the teeth can be very sensitive and suffer nerve damage during the whitening process. Sensitivity can be worse with OTC products since it’s questionable as to the ingredients and strength. Poor products and poorly fitted trays cannot only traumatize the teeth, but the tissues as well.

Let a professional like Dr. Clayton ensure the lasting health and beauty of your smile! Call our Scottsdale dental office to schedule a visit or request an appointment online!


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