Dental Bridges in Scottsdale, AZ


A dental bridge does exactly what its name implies: bridges the gap created by a missing tooth. There are three main benefits to replacing a tooth with a bridge: aesthetics, function, and the prevention of teeth shifting out of place.

Dr. Clayton has been placing bridges for Scottsdale patients for more than 35 years. His use of state-of-the-art materials, attention to detail, and partnership with our impeccable dental lab provide excellent restorations that provide many years of service to our patients.

A typical fixed bridge takes two visits to our Scottsdale dental office. The first visit will involve preparing the teeth that will hold up the bridge (the abutments), taking impressions, determining the shade of the bridge, and making a temporary bridge. The second visit involves temporarily seating the bridge, making any necessary adjustments, and then cementing the bridge permanently in place.

Bridges or implants?

While implants are becoming more popular for tooth replacement, there are several reasons why a bridge may be a better option.

A bridge may be the best choice if the adjacent teeth involved need crowns anyways, resulting in a more efficient “two birds with one stone” outcome.

Implants also require a certain amount of bone structure and density. If there is too much bone loss for an implant to work, a bridge is a much easier treatment to regain aesthetics and function.

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